art of Frank Miller


Hello humans. I built this site way back in 2002. The internet has changed a lot since then! I wanted to build a website to display artwork from my favorite comic book artists. I built a few websites such as Official Unofficial Travis Charest Art Gallery and Simon Bisley Gallery. Back then not many artists had websites of there own. I had grand plans to create a business where I built websites for artists using the software I created for these sites. Unfortunately with the rise of sites like Tumblr and the ease of social media those plans never amounted to much. With all that being said I am still very proud of the work I did. It taught me a lot about programming for the web, SEO best practices and helped me greatly in my programming career.

With all that being said I have decided to archive my gallery websites. In doing so I have removed the share buttons, the ability to add comments, to rate the images and the increasing view counts. I have no plans to add any more images but if I do I will remove the ARCHIVED badge at the top of the homepage.