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Cover to Wolverine #1 by Frank Miller

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Description: We begin our story with our hero, Logan, a.k.a. Wolverine, pulling himself up and over the edge of a cliff in the Canadian Rockies, in pusuit of a deadly grizzly bear that has just finished an unexplained killing spree on the natives. Making his way to the entrance of the bear's cave, Wolverine awaits for the bear'sImage of Wolverine slicing off a bear's arm. inevitable attack. As the bear strikes, Wolverine unleashes his 3 adamantium claws with a trademark 'Snikt!' and a battle ensues. After Wolverine finishes off the bear, it is revealed that an illegal poison-tipped arrow lodged in the bear's back is the cause of the bear's insanity and therefore the cause of the killing spree. Wolverine becomes determined to find the hunter responsible, who is in turn responsible for the deaths of the natives. Following the hunter's scent from the bear's cave, Wolverine makes his way to Josie's Bar 'N' Grill in the town of Coalspur. It's not long before Wolverine finds the hunter and tries to apprehend him. The hunter resists, starting a fight with Wolverine, which ends up being a grave mistake. The hunter is soon taken into custody
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Cover to Wolverine #1 by Frank Miller
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