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Cover to Frank Miller's Ronin Book Two by Frank Miller

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Description: Billy and Virgo are confused by the detail and historical accuracy of the dream since his education had never covered feudal Japan, and their confusion only grows when Virgo checks the media for references to a sword and finds a news video of a bloodsword, sold at auction, rumoured to have mystic properties. When the sword was tested by striking it with a laser, there was an explosion that destroyed the test site and everyone in it. As Billy and Virgo probe further, a security alarm goes off, revealing Agat to be breaking into the Aquarius Complex, apparently impervious to all of the fantastic technology therein. As Agat makes his way toward the core, Billy takes on the persona of the ronin, and using his telekinetic powers, builds himself arms and legs from the raw biocircuitry around him. In a last-ditch defense attempt, Virgo ejects Billy into the sewers and triggers an explosion in her inner core that blasts Agat out of the complex and into the city. Later, having been restored, Virgo explains what has occurred to Casey, who immediately assumes Virgo's logic units have been affected.
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Cover to Frank Miller's Ronin Book Two by Frank Miller
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